I’m constantly getting asked about what products I use daily so I decided to let you take a peek into a very personal space in my home.. my medicine cabinet! My medicine cabinet is where I keep my favorite health + beauty products, the ones that I use the most and like to have readily available. What’s inside changes a little bit with the seasons but this collection of products are my everyday staples, products I wouldn’t want to live without! lets dig in…

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Products listed below from left to right.

Top Shelf:
Nourish, Evening Primrose Oil*
Sinus Clear
Cleansing grains

Middle Shelf:
Malin & Goetz deodorant
Playa dry shampoo
Tiger Balm
Rosehip Oil
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
Tula serum (behind tea tree oil)
Trader Joe’s Tea tree oil
Andalou 1000 roses face mask
Mario Badescu Silver Powder
Glossier Balm dotcom
Detoxy magnesium supplement*  

Bottom Shelf:
Voce leave-in conditioner / detangler
Coconut oil
Skin Trip Moisturizer
Trader Joe’s Nourish facial moisturizer
Rosewater & Glycerin spray
Tom’s Mouthwash
Two Mario Badescu samples, one is a face mask and one is an exfoliant. 


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I wanted to go more in-depth with a few products, It was so hard to narrow it down but I didn’t want this post to be an overwhelming 3 page essay… Anyway here’s a bit more info on my top pick from each shelf.. Like if I could only pick 3 to take with me to a deserted island…

#1. Kimberly Snyder’s SBO Probiotics 
I seriously wouldn’t want to go a day without taking these. I’ve tried probably around 4-5 different brands of Probiotics and these are definitely my Top choice! Personally I have found that they work so well with my body and lifestyle. I’ve been taking these specific probiotics for about 8 months now and I’ve noticed some amazing overall improvements in my body including improved digestion ( AKA less bloating!!) and my immunity has also improved immensely! Another huge plus for me is that they don’t need to be refrigerated! A lot of probiotics need to be refrigerated to keep their potency but because these are Soil-Based-Organisms they can withstand various temperatures, which is absolutely amazing for traveling! 
I take 2 capsules each morning with water before breakfast.

Find out more about the probiotics I take here.

#2. Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant
I struggled for so long to find an Aluminum-free deodorant that actually worked. When I finally came across Malin + Goetz I was amazed. The eucalyptus scent is so light and refreshing and it actually works through a whole spin class! Seriously I think some natural deodorants actually make you smell worse… This stuff is the real deal! 

Find out more about the deodorant I use here.

3. Skin Trip coconut moisturizer
This is My go-to body moisturizer. It is all natural and super light! I hate hate hate that thick oily feeling lotion leaves on your hands and body.. YUCK. Skin trip soaks in so quickly but leaves your skin feeling hydrated. It’s made with coconut oil & Aloe vera so its really soothing on my dry (eczema) skin! 

Find out more about the moisturizer I use here.

*Only take supplements when advised to by a health care professional.

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