As some of you may know, my best friend Nadia and I just finished our journey with Whole 30. Basically, a 30-day challenge to find freedom with eating. On whole 30 you are essentially following the Paleo diet except you kick it up a notch no added sugars or sweeteners. (You can learn all about it here: whole30 )

We had an awesome experience doing Whole 30 and we were both so excited when we heard about Model Meals which is a whole 30 based food delivery food service, ideal for people that have just finished the challenge.


Last week Nadia and I got the super rad opportunity to go on a visit to the Model Meals Headquartes. We met their inspiring founder and fellow model, Danika Brysha. We had a meal with their team and even got our hands dirty in their kitchen! 

Watch our video with Model Meals here! Also be sure to subscribe to our channel to see what we’re up to next!

Thank you so much Danika and Model Meals! We love you!!





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