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   On the morning of my last full day in Miami I found out that I would be shooting that afternoon for Bikini Bird. I was completely exhausted from walking in 5 shows, 3 photoshoots and pretty much running off of no sleep but I was beyond excited. We shot at the insane house I was staying at on Sunset Islands which was the quintessential Miami Beach backdrop. I was stoked because I had been wanting to work with stylist Jess Ingram for a while and she was styling the shoot! Make up was done by mega babe Tori Mcconkey and my friend Adam AKA “Barto” was the photographer.. an all around dream team!

You can see more photos and shop the looks here. 

 Bikini Bird

White bikini: Aila Blue
Jewelry: Kawela Kai Jewelry
Multi-colored bikini: Mara Hoffman
Grey one piece: Mandalynn Swim
Sunglasses: Pared Eyewear

All Images by Adam Bartoshesky @captainscamera
Styling: Jess Ingram
Make up: Tori Mcconkey


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