I recently made the switch to all non-toxic beauty and skincare products. It didn’t happen overnight as converting all of your products can come with a pretty hefty price tag. For me, making the switch was 100% worth it. Do your research and I’m sure you will too! I know, the thought of throwing out or giving away your beloved products to friends (which is what I did) can seem a bit overwhelming but the longterm impact that these toxic chemicals *cough* I mean beauty products will have on your endocrine, immune, reproductive and neurological systems is just not worth it!!!

Here are a few articles that really validated my decision to switch to non-toxic.





Products used all linked below:
Atmosphere soft focus foundation: 117
Illusionist Concealer: 017
Solar Translucent Bronzer: simmer
Aura Multi Use Classic: spark
Mesmerize Eye Color: Firefly
Siren Lipstick: Desire


Why I chose Vapour Organic Beauty: I chose to get the majority of my makeup products from Vapour because of their commitment to purity, integrity, sustainability and of course the quality of their makeup! They truly have the highest standards you will find anywhere in the beauty industry.

I hope this post will inspire you to research your products and really know what you putting on your skin! Our skin is our largest organ and we need to take care of it if we want to thrive! 



  1. Mariah on June 25, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    I’ve been super into “clean beauty” products lately! I really want to learn more about it, so I’ll definitely check out those links!

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